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    Envy Soul Bars

    Get control with the Envy Soul bar and take your riding to new heights! Standard size with slit for ICS compression Constructed with heat treated 4130 chromoly. Call or visit for colors and sizes availiable.

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    Proto reto lytes V3 bars

    LESS IS MORE Simple, clean & classy. The PROTO reTro bar is the only option for the minimalist rider. '

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    Proto slayers V3 bars

    While everyone else was making narrow "T" bars, we saw the need for handle bars to go wider and width requires support. PROTO was the first to branch out, literally, from the classic "T" shaped bar and incorporate "Y" shaped gussets supporting the new wider crossbars of the future.

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    North T bars

    North's Newest 27 by 24 inch Bar! these guys are a sweet deal at only $90 and come pretty tall for you bigger shredders. They come in three colors, a unique purple or wine red to give your ride a unique look. or just keep it classy with the flat black, either way these bars are a great addition to any scooter

Trick out your scooter and stand out from the rest !

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